35 Festive Christmas Nail Ideas And Designs To Get Inspired This Holiday [Updated]

Christmas is coming! Are you excited to get into the festive spirit? One way to get in the mood is to give yourself a fun and festive manicure. Think red, green, blue, white, gold, and silver. From classic red and green to glittery snowflakes and reindeer, there are endless options for Christmas nail ideas and designs.

One of the most popular Christmas nail designs is the classic red and green combination. This timeless look is perfect for any holiday occasion and can be dressed up or down depending on your personal style. To achieve this look, start with a base coat of red polish and add green accents using a thin brush or nail art pen. You can also add some sparkle with a glitter topcoat or small rhinestones for a more glamorous touch.

Another popular Christmas nail idea is the snowflake design. This can be achieved by using a white base coat and adding blue and silver accents to create the snowflake design. This look is perfect for a winter wonderland party or a festive night out. To make your snowflakes stand out even more, add a layer of clear glitter topcoat for some extra sparkle.

Reindeer nail designs are also a fun and festive option for the holiday season. To create this look, start with a base coat of brown polish and add white accents for the reindeer’s face and red accents for the nose. You can also add some green accents for the reindeer’s antlers. This design is perfect for a more playful and whimsical holiday look.

One of the advantages of using Christmas nail designs is that they add a pop of holiday cheer to any outfit. They are also a fun and creative way to express your personal style during the holiday season. However, one potential disadvantage is that some of the more intricate designs can be time-consuming and difficult to create on your own. In this case, it may be best to visit a professional nail salon to achieve the desired look.

We’ve tried to pull a range of options you can try from simple Christmas nails to creative Christmas nail designs with intricate art, featuring snowflakes, candy canes, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus. There are so many ways to get your nails into the spirit. See if you can spot the Grinch on our list below!

Here are our favorite Christmas nails ideas to get started:

Christmas Nail Designs

For a creative twist this Christmas, try some Christmas nail art by incorporating gingerbread men, Christmas hats, reindeers, and, of course, Santa himself.

Classy Winter Nails

Want to go a bit more subtle and sophisticated? No problem. You can never go wrong with a simple snowy blue or ever-green manicure. If you want to get a little bit more creative, try adding some glitter or rhinestones for some extra sparkle.

Red Christmas Nails

One of the most popular Christmas nail colors is red. It’s classic, festive, and goes with just about any holiday look. You can paint the entire nail red or just add a pop of color with a red accent nail.

Green Christmas Nails

This one’s a classic and can carry you into the New Year. You can do an all-over green manicure, use green as an accent color, or even mix it with red for a traditional Christmas look.

White Christmas Nails

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, try out a white Christmas manicure. This look is clean, fresh, and perfect for those who want to steer away from the traditional red and green colors. You can add some sparkle with glitter or keep it simple with a matte finish. To kick it up a notch, try adding some snowflake artwork.

Simple Christmas Nails

Not into all the fuss and frills? That’s okay, too. You can still get into the Christmas spirit without being over the top. A few ideas include painting your nails with a candy cane striped design, using white and silver polish for a wintery look, or keeping it classy with red and green polka dots.

Whether you’re looking for a festive design or something more classic, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll be sharing 35 of our favorite Christmas nail designs. Your perfect holiday manicure is just a few clicks away. P.S. #29 is our favorite one yet!

Classic Red Nails With Gold Giltter

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2) Winter Wonderland Christmas Nails


3) Midnight Velvet Glitter Nails


4) Christmas Sweater Nails Press Ons

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5) Icy Snow White Christmas Nails With Swirl Details


6) Simple Christmas Nails With Crystal Details


7) Winter Starry Night Nails With Star Details


8) Silver Christmas Nails With Glitter Details


9) Baby Blue Christmas Nails With Snowflake Details

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10) Red Christmas Nails With French Tips And Bow Details


11) Classy Christmas Nails With Gold Bronze Glitter


12) Ever Green Christmas Nails With Gold Details


13) Simple Red Christmas Nails With Christmas Hats


14) Classy Nude Christmas Nails


15) Metallic Green Christmas Nails


16) Simple Red Christmas Nails With French Tips


17) Blue Christmas Nail Designs With Snowflake Details


18) Gold Christmas Nails With Star Details


19) Sparkle Christmas Nails


20) Christmas Nail Ideas With Reindeer


21) Clear And White Christmas Nails With Evergreen Details


22) Candy Came Christmas Nails


23) Cute Christmas Nails With Gingerbread Man

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24) Cute Christmas Nails With The Grinch

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25) Pink Christmas Nails

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26) Red Christmas Nails With Bow Details


27) Red And White Christmas Nails With French Tips And Swirl Details


28) Pink Christmas Nails With Penguin And Snow Details


29) Christmas Party Nails Confetti Details


30) Winter Starry Night Nails


30) Christmas Nail Designs


31) Cute Christmas Nails With Santa Claus Press Ons

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32) Gold French Tip Nails

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33) Green French Tip Nails With Glitter

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34) Black And Silver Swirls With Glitter Details

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35) Festive Christmas Theme Nails Press Ons

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