15 Gorgeous White End Table Ideas That Will Elevate Your Living Room Decor

When it comes to choosing furniture for your living room, the end tables are an important component of the equation. They provide a place for you to set down your drink or rest your elbows, and they can also help to elevate the overall look of the room.

If you’re looking for a stylish and chic option, you should consider white living room end tables. White is a timeless and versatile color that can be paired with any other color scheme. White end tables are also a great way to add some brightness to your space and can easily be matched with any style of furniture.

In this blog post, I’ll show you my favorite 15 white end tables ideas that are functional and elegant in order to spruce up your living room decor.

1) White Living Room End Table

  • Modern and Minimal design
  • Metal top and base material
  • 24” wide by 16” deep

2) White Round End Table

  • Rounded top shape with 18.63” dimensions
  • Rustic design in dream white shade
  • Made from wood with grain showin through

3) Small White End Table

  • Contemporary, abstract design
  • Small 12.6” square dimensions
  • Smooth, easy-clean surface

4) Modern White End Table

  • Modern and chic style
  • Fluted base
  • Smooth white, round top

5) White And Gold End Table

  • Modern white end-table
  • Faux marble tabletop and base
  • Gold rim edges and gold base

6) White Farmhouse End Table

  • White farmhouse style end table
  • Naturally fluted sides
  • White finish on sides, natural finish on top

7) White Marble End Table

  • Marble-top, modern design
  • 19.7” round diameter
  • Gold edges and sturdy base

8) Rustic White End Tables

  • Rustic, white end table in a wood stump style
  • Made from solid acacia wood
  • White finish

9) White End Table With Storage

  • Mid-century aesthetic
  • Full-extension glide storage drawer
  • Smoothe, matte-white finish

10) White Wood End Table

  • Minimal and Modern style
  • Natural White color
  • Made from Pine

11) Narrow White End Table

  • Narrow 12” width table
  • White glass top
  • Stainless steel base

12) White Stone End Table

  • Inspired by the greek isles
  • Made from cast stone
  • Fluted details on the side

13) White End Table With Drawers

  • Features both open cubby space and shelf drawer
  • Golden accents and Rattan front
  • Matte white finish

14) White End Table With Wood Top

  • Top and Base constructed from solid mano wood
  • Smooth white finish
  • 17” top diameter

15) White End Table With Lamp

  • End table with USB ports and attached lamp
  • White finish
  • Modern design